Erosion Abatement LLC.

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Erosion Abatement LLC. is the exclusive distributor/installer of TerraGuard articulating block systems.  TerraGuard is designed to be the most flexible  hand placed ACB system on the market.  Our exhaustive testing has produced a system that provides excellent vegetation growth and flow characteristics.  The TerraGuard system has been laboratory tested to FHWA-RD-88-181 standards.


Ex stream event over flow swales
Slope Protection                                                  Pipeline/Cable Crossings
Bride abutment                                                    Pipe out falls
Detention Basins                                                Boat ramps
Shoreline Protection                                           Landfill Caps
Pilot Channels                                                     Drainage Ditches
Weir Structures                                                    Parking lots/permeable pavements

4", 6" and 8" thick block sizes
20 degree contour changes
3' radius contours
Continuous Matrix System
Positive Interlocking
No Interrupted seams
Easy to install, requires minimal tools, equipment and training.
Fast installation.
System is easily adapted to cables at engineers request


Open cell - has a void space of 20%
Greater Stability due to geometric root structure
Aesthetically pleasing, accepts routine mowing 
Easily repaired

Closed Cell - Has a void space of 5%
Higher Mannings Coefficient
Reduced maintenance (Less Mowing)
Greater Stability

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